Create the Perfect Hair Cocktail

May 10, 2023 - < 1 Min
Create the Perfect Hair Cocktail

Over the past decade, there’s been a boon of products and influencers in the beauty industry dedicated to keeping natural, textured hair healthy and full. However, everyone’s hair is unique. With an abundance of gels, shampoos, conditioners, and more to choose from at our favorite stores, it’s become more and more difficult to figure what works best for each person’s individual haircare journey.

This has caused the all-too-familiar trend of cocktailing – combining and pairing various products with the intent to reach a desired style or haircare goal. More than half of people with textured, natural hair cocktail their hair products in their routine. This unfortunately has left graveyards of haircare elixirs in beauty cabinets across the world and tons of money wasted on exploring solutions that didn’t really work. While finding the right mix of products catered to your specific haircare needs can be burdensome, we at ECO STYLE have cracked the code to simplify your haircare routine, and save you some coin in the process.

We’re super proud to introduce ECO STYLE Gel Boosters – a line of oil serums with ingredients compatible with ECO STYLE Styling Gels to maximize the haircare results you want.

Our line of Gel Boosters includes:

Whether you’re reviving your curls, protecting the color, or strengthening your hair to reduce breakage, Gel Boosters are formulated to pair with our styling gels in just the right way to streamline your haircare routine while enhancing the desired outcome. All you need is one pea-sized drop of concentrated ECO STYLE Gel Booster Oil Serum added to a handful of your preferred selection of our ECO STLYE Styling Gels and you’re all set.

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