Spring into Springtime with Rainy Day Hair Styling Tips

March 2, 2023 - < 1 Min
Spring into Springtime with Rainy Day Hair Styling Tips

Spring is a time for bright colors, spring break vacations, setting clocks an hour ahead and new beginnings. While April showers bring May flowers, it also means that March humidity will create lots of frizz. While frizzing is something that happens to the best of us, humidity hair is still a nuisance that can dull your otherwise fabulous style. It’s important for everyone to feel confident when rocking their natural hair and keeping control over how they choose to show up and show out. Luckily for you, we at ECO STYLE are here to empower you with the tools and tips necessary to protect your hair so you can rock your style with pride.

Tip #1: Understand how your hair retains and releases moisture

Also known as “hair porosity,” your hair’s moisture retention can be key in understanding how to battle frizz and humidity while you’re out and about this spring. Having high hair porosity means that your hair retains and releases moisture at a quicker pace, which can make it more prone to frizzing when humidity is high. If you have low hair porosity, your hair is more resistant to retaining and releasing moisture, which means it can hold up for longer. However, this also means you may be more prone to flaking, dryness and product caking up on your scalp.

Tip #2: Choose your hairstyles according to your environment

The weather can have a huge impact on how hair maintains its hold and shine. No matter if you’re going to a friend’s Easter Sunday dinner, walking to your local flower shop or going on vacation to a tropical getaway, you have to account for the weather and the environment. Conditions such as humidity, wind speed and wind chill can influence your hair, and it’s best to be as knowledgeable as possible about what to expect from the forecast.

Tip #3: Use products that work for you

Lastly, the products you use will make all the difference in achieving the style you desire for your springtime plans. Using quality products that withstand environmental challenges and account for your hair’s porosity while maintaining hold, nourishing your hair and providing sheen is key to bringing your most authentic self to the table. If you’re traveling somewhere that’s known for its humidity, you’ll have to plan ahead to ensure you have edge control with great hold like our EDGE STYLER: Glue with Water Resistance. If it’s windy, you’ll need to have a gel that’ll hold your hair down like our ECO STYLE Krystal Gel or ECO STYLE Gold Gel.

As spring approaches and we get into the headspace of cleaning out the old and bringing in the new, we must remember that our hair is like a beautiful journey with no ending. As it unwinds, we must pay attention to its details and clues to push the journey along. Trying to manage and keep up your hair according to the seasons can seem overwhelming, tedious and a bit exhausting. But always remember, ECO STYLE is here to guide you along the way. Learning how to care for your hair can not only lead to amazing styles, it can also allow your locks to flourish so that you can express who you are through your hair.

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