Let’s Talk About the “F” Word


Flakes! They come from nowhere, stay for what feels like forever and can ruin any hairstyle. Have you ever wondered where these annoying white particles come from? Here’s a quick background.

Polymer molecules are a key ingredient in any styling gel product and help create the “hold.” They also tend to leave a transparent cast over each strand of hair. When the molecules dry, they’re so fragile that they break when manipulated, which causes the tiny particles to spread.

Plus, product mixing is another f***ing (flaking) dilemma. Most gel products can blend with a range of conditioners, but some clash with styling products made to hold and maintain form, which can also cause flakes.


  1. Keep your hands out of your hair. As tempting as it is to reach up and marvel at the beautiful curl definition forming as your hair dries, observe your curls at a distance.
  2. Minimize the amount of styling product you apply to your hair. Plus, focus on how damp your hair is before using products. Water’s a universal solvent that’ll help the product spread and coat each strand evenly as you style your hair.
  3. Wash your hair thoroughly and make sure your hair’s free of any residual products before styling. Excess product build-up can cause a cloudy hail storm when you begin your final styling regime.
  4. Test whether your conditioner and gel combination works before applying any styling product to your hair. To do this, place a small amount of conditioner in your hand, followed by a pea-sized drop of the gel, and rub your hands together to mix. If the product mixture forms into a creamy lotion, the combination is a match. However, if you notice cloudy white balls, think about changing up the type of conditioner you’re using.