Gel Boosters

Color Brilliance

Eco Style COLOR BRILLIANCE was created to helps
color stay brilliant. Helps color last longer than gel
alone with key ingredients such as baobab tein.

Size: 4oz (118ml)

Beneficial ingredients:

Olive Oil
OLIVE OIL Olive oil is a natural oil extracted from olives, rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, commonly used in beauty as a moisturizer and skin protector.
Rich Oils
RICH OILS Rich oils are infused to provide nourishment and moisture to the scalp and each strand of hair, which enhances strength, body and radiance.

Our products do not contain alcohol.

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How to use our Gel Booster in combination with our Styling Gels

How to Use Gel Boosters

For best results, do not mix the entire bottle of Booster into your gel. Mix 1 drop equivalent to a pea size amount of ECO STYLE highly concentrated Boosters with a handful of the ECO STYLING GEL, in the palm of your hands, to give your hair an improved styling outcome. Apply to dry or wet hair. For second-day styling, hydrate the hair before applying gel. Shampoo the hair regularly to eliminate build-up. Use one or combine two ECO STYLE Boosters, based on the desired need.

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