Gel Styling Based on Your Hair’s Porosity

October 3, 2022
Gel Styling Based on Your Hair’s Porosity

As you start off on your haircare journey, it’s important that you know your hair. And that includes understanding your hair’s porosity and what that means when it comes to styling your locks. Just like your body and your skin, your hair’s dynamic and responds differently to the products you use and how much water it can retain. Here are some styling tips according to your hair’s porosity type:

Low Porosity

Hair with low porosity is more resistant to moisture absorption, which means that products with lots of oils, proteins, and acidity are more prone to just sit on your hair shaft without taking it in. Using the LOC (Liquid, Oil, and Cream) Method and getting low-maintenance protective styles such as two-strand twists or cornrows are great ways to help your hair lock in moisture, get it directly to your scalp, and promote growth in the meantime. We recommend styling your hair with products like the ECO STYLE Krystal Gel, which contains ingredients that aid moisture retention while maintaining your desired style.

Neutral Porosity

Hair with neutral porosity balances the amount of moisture it releases and retains. Maintaining this balance can be tricky without the right products. Applying leave-in and deep conditioners regularly, and generally avoiding dyes, bleaching, and products heavy in proteins will support a healthy moisture equilibrium. Since your hair has an easier time staying hydrated, it’s easier to manage and so you can experiment a bit more with different styles. We recommend using products like the ECO STYLE Gold Gel, which has ingredients that aid in moisture retention, reducing frizz, and strengthening your hair.

High Porosity

Hair with high porosity absorbs moisture just as quickly as it releases moisture. This means that styles involving a lot of heat and high stress make your hair more prone to dryness, frizz, and breakage. Low maintenance styles like that of a wash n’ go will give your hair plenty of moisture to absorb throughout the day. We recommend you style your hair with products like the ECO STYLE Protein Gel that’ll provide long-lasting hydration and proteins to give your hair the nutrients it needs to maintain its shine and body.

Navigating your haircare journey can be just as complex as navigating life itself. Everyone’s hair is different, and it’s entirely possible that you could have more than one porosity type in different parts of your hair. However, once you find what works right for you and you get into a groove with a consistent haircare routine, you can feel confident wearing your crown in a way that truly expresses who you are.

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