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Super Protein Gel 

Maintain optimum moisture and balance with our Super Protein hair gel. Perfect for dehydrated and coarse textures. This plant-derived protein humectant gives a double dose of moisture and strength to each strand.

We don’t mean to get into your hair…

This product has been discontinued. Please check out our Styling Gels collection for more products to help your hair defy definition.

Beneficial ingredients:

Our products do not contain alcohol.

Aqua Hydrating element set as the foundation for moisture capture in hair.
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Water-attracting humectant with moisture-retention  benefits.

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Most used gel

Been using this for years to achieve my wash and go. Well I call it a wash and set because I really don’t go anywhere lol. This is my go to gel. Holds my curls in place.

− Shalonda


This is my all time favorite hair gel! I’ve been using this for about 3 years now! Long lasting, smells great, and lays my hair down so flat and good. I feel like new money lol. This one is definitely it! Took me a while to find a hair gel I really like for my thick hair and this one really impresses me every time!

− Tiffany


Great gel, good hold

One of my favorite gels, amazing product for the price. Thick with a lot of hold. Works best when applied to wet hair, can be watered down a bit if needed. Curly girl method approved.

− Coopers519


Fragrant allergy friendly

There is a little to no fragrance. I am a severe allergy sufferer and have thrown many products away simply because of the fragrance. This product is not irritating at all and has an incredible hold without drying out the hair.

− MarketSweep

Krystal Gel

Krystal Gel

This weightless styling gel provides gravity-defying hold, body and shine while delivering moisture throughout each hair strand.

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