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Koily – Define

Customized formula for Type 4 Coils to Z-angled Coils

The Elongating Cream from the Koily Edit Collection defines your curls and coils with a Vitamin K-infused cream that helps you achieve any style with maximum hold.

Size: 6oz (177 ml)

Apply to damp or dry hair, in sections, style as desired and dry down to complete the look.

Beneficial ingredients:

Our products do not contain alcohol.

Vitamine K
Vitamin K Our all-new Texture Edit collection gives your hair the enriching benefits of Vitamin K. This premium ingredient is infused as a regenerative powerhouse for each follicle – helping to promote growth, reduce hair loss, and lock in moisture with a breakthrough formula crafted just for your hair type.
Texture Edit Moisturize and Elongating Cream

Cocktail Your Kurves, Kurls and Koils

Mix products to find the perfect custom solution for your unique hair types. Address every concern, boost every strength and achieve your ultimate hair goals by cocktailing our products. There are infinite combos, but here are some of the most popular cocktails when you’ve got different types of hair, from nape to crown.

Kurvy - Define

Kurvy – Define

The Sculpting Cream from the Kurvy Edit Collection maximizes hold with a lightweight, creamy moisturizer infused with Vitamin K that not only defines your curls, but also reduces frizz.