Back-To-Campus Looks

September 8, 2022
Back-To-Campus Looks

After a summer of working, traveling or simply relaxing at home with family and friends, it’s time to head back to school! Start your year off with a bang, and we don’t just mean the hair that covers your forehead. Your back-to-campus look sets the tone for the year and shows your classmates who you are. To simplify the daunting task of picking from an infinite catalog of hairstyles, we at ECO STYLE have compiled a few looks to help you make your mark.


Even my braids have a bit of sass

Feed-In Cornrows

Rain or shine, you can never go wrong with braids. Kick off the semester with Feed-In Cornrows, a style that is versatile and appropriate for virtually any occasion.

Hair dye Style

Wash ’N Go

Running late for class, but still want to show off your natural curls? The low-maintenance but timeless classic, Wash ’n Go, is your best friend. You can even lay down your edges or add in a few braids to style it up and add your own flair.

Butterfly Style

Model With Floating Ponytail

If you’re looking for a style that’s nostalgic and playful but still sleek and classy, nothing beats the glossy look of a slicked Ponytail or Pigtails. This easy but fun look is sure to turn heads and make a good first impression as you acclimate to campus life.

Mullet Style


A classic and versatile look, the Half-Up-Half-Down hairstyle is one to stun anyone that crosses your path. This style is guaranteed to keep you looking your best, no matter what.

Whether you’re making your freshman debut, starting the last year of your collegiate career or anywhere in between, finding the right hairstyle is an important way to express yourself. Your hair is your canvas and you’re the artist. This school year, let us help you express your artistic vision by going to ECO STYLE Collections and finding the supplies you need to defy definition.

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