Summer is right around the corner, airfare tickets are going on sale, and your passport is burning a hole through your back pocket. With vacation season upon us and your flight already booked, it’s time to start thinking about what hairstyles you’re going to rock as you travel the world.

This can be a daunting choice for some. You want to find a style that’s low maintenance so that you can spend more time on the beach and less time fighting frizzy hair from the humidity and heat. However, you still want a style that’s versatile and fashionable so that you can feel confident no matter where you are, the occasion, or the activity. Protective styles are always a great go-to for your vacation since they can stay in for months at a time (with proper care), do not require much upkeep, tuck away your ends to prevent splitting and frizz, and encourage new growth at the root. However, there are so many different styles that it can feel like searching for needle in a haystack to find that perfect summer look.

Well, no need to fret. ECO STYLE has put together a list of 5 protective styles that will keep your hair in check while looking fabulous.


If you want a look that protects your hair while looking ethereal and free flowing, Goddess Braids is the style for you.


Give yourself a full, stunning, and vivacious look with Passion Twists. This hairstyle is sure to turn heads while allowing your scalp to breathe and flourish on your exotic getaway.


Keep your ends tucked and stand out with Bantu knots. Whether done with braids, twists, or locs, they can be styled in many ways while still looking amazing.

Photo credits: Curly Girl Swag


Faux locs are a fan favorite that never fails to impress, regardless of where you are in the world. They can be put in a bun for a classic up-do or let down to flow free in the ocean breeze.


When in doubt, wig it out! Give your natural hair some rest and install a quality wig that shows off your style.